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12Recognised as one of Norfolk’s finest shopping destinations, Holt is a charming small country town surrounded by gentle undulating countryside and within close proximity of the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.  You will find that Holt has a vibrant retail centre that represents nearly 200 shops and business services. A surprisingly diverse range of trades can be found and the majority of shops are independently owned. In more recent years the development of several ‘Yards’ has taken place in the town centre, each containing retail units of differing sizes around central courtyards enabling traffic-free shopping environments.  The world of fashion is particularly well catered for in Holt. An incredible number of boutiques can be found throughout the town with diversity for men and women to suit all tastes and match every occasion. Famous clothing brands and designer labels normally associated with city shopping can be readily found in Holt.

jNorth Norfolk is a haven for artists and photographers and Holt has earned a fine reputation for being a cultural centre. There are currently ten leading art galleries in the town where exhibitions regularly showcase the work of modern contemporary living artists including some of the finest names associated in the world of art. From Banksy to Munnings … all the galleries in Holt are inspirational places to visit.

7You will be spoilt for choice if you have a special fascination for antiques.  There are numerous places in the town to satisfy the most discerning collector … and you may find yourself rubbing shoulders amongst famous celebrities who can be regularly found browsing the antique shops in Holt!

Holt boasts a fine modern bookshop and a specialist antiquarian bookshop just tucked off the main street.  Gift shops, furniture and soft furnishings and lifestyle accessory shops can be found throughout the town which also benefits from an extensive family-owned department store trading from premises that were originally built in the Market Place in 1631.

eThere are three hotels within the town centre offering first-class accommodation. Bed and breakfast and guest house accommodation can be found in the town and in many of the outlying villages within easy reach of Holt. Traditional country properties in Norfolk are available to rent through specialist agents based in Holt.

1The town houses have some outstanding culinary shops and has a widespread reputation for its extensive catering facilities.  Tea rooms, wine bars, restaurants and cafeterias are plentiful in Holt and several bring a continental feeling whenever outside tables and seating can be provided, particularly in some of the courtyards.  Delicious home cooked food can be found in may eateries, including multinational cuisine offering take-away meals.

6The Holt Festival takes place in July each year encompassing all the performing arts. Events take place in the town centre and interlink with exhibitions, musical concerts and cultural activities in the extensive facilities kindly provided by Gresham’s School. Holt is a town for all seasons and the Christmas Lights give the town a magical appeal that attracts visitors from far and wide to witness the spectacle and also provides an opportunity for a community ‘Switch-On Night’.

All in all … Holt is an ideal centre to explore the gentle undulating countryside, the famous North Norfolk coast, the rich tapestry of adjoining towns and villages, historic churches, stately homes and National Trust properties. There is something here for all age groups to explore, discover and enjoy.

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