historical holt

Spout Hills lie within just a few yards of the pineapple obelisk which stands at the west end of Holt High Street. Pedestrian access can also be gained from the disused railway line (found at the end of Valley Lane) or from a lay-by off the A148 Letheringsett Hill road near the Old Rectory.

A natural 14-acre green space and a haven for wildlife, Spout Hills has a fascinating social history and is maintained by volunteers and managed by Holt Town Council. It’s most significant feature, as the name suggests, is a spring which initially discharges into a walled pond before draining through a natural valley that sustains a diverse wetland flora.

A pumping station on Spout Hills once pumped water to a 56-feet high (17-metre) brick-built tower on Shirehall Plain which held over 150,000 gallons of water. The tower and waterworks were built circa 1885 and both have since been demolished.

(Modern Photograph: B. Dawson)